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Metodologjia është ndërmjet hapsira e tërë idesë.

Web charting with Adobe Flex and OFC

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Adobe Flex 3 (named Moxie) is another powerful OSS framework for building web applications. We start with small program of flash applications dedicated to build graphical 2D or semi-3D animations, or even multimedia video projects, able to present our reports and results.

In this period Adobe test their Flex 4 product, FlashDevelop is very active, Open Flash Chart (OFC) also has attention of the large user’s community.

You like to follow this strategy? Stay with us!



Video processing with VirtualDub

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If you have just started thinking about digital video editing, if you have just collected few pieces of software, have tried some... and... if you are still searching for software which is more convenient for some simple video tasks, then try this OSS combination: VirtualDub, VDubMod and AviSynth - 2 applications and one frame server.
The world of VirtualDub, exists within the years, world wide open to use. Inside that world you can change anything in a frame or multiple frames of a video with a filter. You can apply one or many at the same time. You can select one or more filters, choose some filter settings, and VirtualDub applies them to the frames of the input file, creating a new file. You can add a text, a colour change, add a logo in the corner, or just rotate for few degrees, before or after cropping.

You can download VirtualDub (inside is VirtualDub v. - January 2009) from http://www.virtualdub.org/download.html (click on link 'VirtualDub at SourceForge'). When the file VirtualDubMod_1_5_10_2_All_inclusive.zip is on PC, just unpack on some location (we use 'C:\VirtualDub')

LAST_UPDATED2 Lexo më shumë...

JAVA on Your PC

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If you still don’t have a JAVA installed on your PC please do it. It is really easy. Just skip on http://www.java.com/ and workaround,

or follow next few steps.
- Press the blue button "Free Java Download"
- when the file is downloaded choose the option "Install" from the message like this one:

After installation choose another blue button "Verify Java Version" (on java site)
If all is OK, you will see the message "You have the recommended Java installed (Version 6 Update 11)"
And from this moment version 6 Update 11 (file size: ~ 7 MB) (recommended version at December 2008)

If you wish, you can participate in a small feedback. To help people from the http://www.sun.com to improve their site.

Now You can play with powerful JAVA applet for image processing here: Processing satellite images


Lifeware placement

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Lifeware shold be solved.


Softwer is between

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The software is build up. To manage monitoring, to organise the products, to communicate with outside world, to estimate, evaluate, compare, pronounce, interpolate, extrapolate... The software solution take care for all that processes. 


WSA winner in 2007 for R. Macedonia

WSA Macedonia

See more here or here!


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